eWorldData provides solutions and products for the following industries: telecommunications, tourisms, hospitality, e-commerce, project management, content management, EDI interfaces, software . eWorldData builds customized software that fits your needs


eWorldData works with domain experts to ensure that we apply our engineering expertise in the most effective way. eWorldData starts every projects by gathering and defining your business and functional requirements to ensure that we have a deep-rooted and detailed understanding of your business needs.


As eWorldData moves into the development and deployment phase, eWorldData continue to apply engineering risk management and deliver continual status reports to our clients. At this point, eWorldData shift focus to pure heads down coding based on the requirements and technical roadmap that we have developed through earlier work.


eWorldData brings to the forefront its extensive experience in the management and  analysis of complex data set for the gaming and retail industry. eWorldData engineering tools and solutions provide agile and flexible Business Intelligence and forecasting opportunies to his customers.

OUR Services

  • Web Design and Development
  • Database Design and Development
  • SEO Optimization
  • Microsoft .Net Development
  • Rich Application Development
  • B2B Development
  • Interface Development
  • System Integration

OUR expertise

Over the last 10 years eWorldData has developed over 30 projects accross vertical and horizontal industries. The experience and kownledge acquired through these projects provides eWorldData with an accute understanding of tomorrow technology requirements.

our quality

eWorldData has a long track records in providing major corporations with products and services that exceed industry standards. eWorldData can provide upon request customer references.